September 22, 2008

The prodigal blogger returns... somewhere else

So, have i mentioned that i'm moving to Tennessee?

I'm blogging at a new site now, to chronicle the transition to Nashville and the developments of my new project, Mockingbird Acres.

Please visit me at my new blog,, but don't delete your links to this blog just yet! There will be a whole lot more to talk about working as a chef specializing in "in-home fine dining".

The saddest part is that the clients i've worked for in the past 6 months have been AWESOME. Not only are people finally 'getting' the concept of what i'm doing, they'd been referring me to their friends - whether directly or through buying my services as a gift certificate for them.

In fact, the last few clients even said, "...but we just found you!" which i think is simply the most flattering thing they could possibly say.

I'm also going to miss my assistant, Matthew, so very, very much. My testimony for CraigsList is that there really are good, smart, reliable, honest, hardworking people who post their résumés on CraigsList... though they be few and far-between... but i hit the jackpot when I found Matthew. We even said that we got along like brother-and-sister, because we'd tease each other and joke around so easily. One of the things i appreciated most about him was that he'd give it to you straight. If I asked him "what do you think" he'd tell me without sugar-coating it or hedging against what he thought I'd want him to say. Simply put, I trust him.

Working as the right-hand to an entrepreneur can't be easy, but his even temper - not to mention boundless patience - brought a much-needed stability to my hectic life. His job was particularly unique in that he'd work during the week in my office, and on the weekends assisting me in my clients' kitchens. he came to me without a whole lot of fine-dining experience, but was always eager to learn. He never shirked at any job, but even more importantly, there were several instances where i'd ask him to do something, and he'd have already done it. He's acquired skills that would make him adept in any kitchen environment.

(as a post-script, I've been having the hardest time trying to write a letter of recommendation for Matthew, but I think i just did! it needs a few tweaks, of course, but i might as well finish it...)

If I wasn't moving out of state, I'd want to jealously keep him for myself, but seeing as how I can't entice him to come to Nashville with me, I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone, for anything.

So anyway, come check out the new blog.