August 31, 2007

Poor guy! I had no idea...

But last month, doctors gave Mr. Achatz, 33 years old, devastating news. A cancerous tumor was growing inside his tongue. The disease was so advanced that three doctors told him the only way to cure it was to cut out part of his tongue, leaving one of the world's most celebrated chefs to ponder life without the ability to taste.

A Chef Faces His Worst Fears -

August 27, 2007

bacon mat 4 mike

bacon mat 4 mike

Could there be anything more beautiful than an entire sheet of crispy bacon? Ideas for best utilization of this marvel of culinary technology:

1) after forming it, drape the mat over a bowl and baking it so that it formed a cup. (as i said in Kathie's post, "Take THAT, taco salad bowls made of deepfried tortillas!")

2) Set a beautiful, perfectly poached egg on top. I think poached eggs are more attracive on a plate than fried eggs, but i guess you could use a fried egg.

3) Bacon sticks together well during cooking, so I'm pretty sure that it would stay together enough to form the base of a canapé.

4) Paint the BaconMat™ with beaten egg yolk so that the design cooks in a different color. (this was baked, btw)

5) You could ''brand'' the BaconMat™ with initials and use them as edible placecards.

What else? Any suggestions?

August 24, 2007


I have no idea why my name is included in this blog:

LA Lunchbox kitchen wisdom restaurant reviews: "By the time Felix connected with Netty of Netty’s in the Spring of 2006, there were already multiple offers for the business; Sara Levine, Joanna Minneci and Tender Greens, among others, all wanted the chance to reinvent the visible Silver Lake corner."

I've never looked for a restaurant space in silverlake... so, um, HUH? .I was on the original BLOGEBRITY list, i have to post this to claim my link. If you're reading this, just ignore it. kthxbai

August 23, 2007

I'm not exactly going to say "lazy"... but...

I made myself a salad before i went to go cater a dinner-for-two this evening. I didn't have time to eat it while i was cooking, so when i left, i decided to just jump in the car, get out of their neighborhood, and eat my poor little salad.

So here i am, in my car, stealing borrowing someone's bandwidth, and i just thought to myself "i wish had some salad dressing..."

I realize that i have all the ingredients for it in the car right now, but i'm not going to bust out and whip up some salad dressing on the tailgate of my Element.

Last thing I ate or drank: undressed salad

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August 17, 2007


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Because, hey, why not!?