August 27, 2007

bacon mat 4 mike

bacon mat 4 mike

Could there be anything more beautiful than an entire sheet of crispy bacon? Ideas for best utilization of this marvel of culinary technology:

1) after forming it, drape the mat over a bowl and baking it so that it formed a cup. (as i said in Kathie's post, "Take THAT, taco salad bowls made of deepfried tortillas!")

2) Set a beautiful, perfectly poached egg on top. I think poached eggs are more attracive on a plate than fried eggs, but i guess you could use a fried egg.

3) Bacon sticks together well during cooking, so I'm pretty sure that it would stay together enough to form the base of a canapé.

4) Paint the BaconMat™ with beaten egg yolk so that the design cooks in a different color. (this was baked, btw)

5) You could ''brand'' the BaconMat™ with initials and use them as edible placecards.

What else? Any suggestions?

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  1. We, too, love the bacon mat, as do our friends. In fact, we've dedicated a gallery to it's wonderment! If you'd like to visit, it's at: Mmmm.... bacon.... is there nothing it can't do?


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