April 29, 2007

"Bishop" Ben Okafor: Man of god, husband and father of two writes back...

I'm thrilled to pieces that this Ben Okafor from Benin thing has actually gotten interesting... the other scams I've received and posted here on my blog didn't get much play, but I've never had a scammer write me back and threaten me!

He sent me an instant message:
299 88 75 72

Yup, exactly the kind of response I'd anticipate from someone who represents the word of god. Whatever.

But THEN I got two other messages from other chefs who contacted me.
Bishop Ben Okafor from Porto-Novo

Kingdom Life Ministries International

kingdom Life Ministries Int'l.

...and as I told this last chef, no, I'm NOT already defending myself against legal action. With this schmuck or any other kind. I sent an e-mail to the actual KLM in Canada, so someone MIGHT be contacting him about some legal action, but me, I'm content if I helped prevent these two other chefs, and any others, from getting scammed.

He's SOOOOOO pissed off that I've ruined his little scheme! I love it!

Anyone else been contacted by the kindly Bishop? Please speak up, either in the comments, or write to me directly.


  1. Dear Chef Joanna, I just recieved an e-mail from this man. I can't believe I actually responded, but I researched him on google because I was leary of the responce, I always am when I get responces from overseas. So I am happy I came across your blogg, now I can polietly tell him something else came up in my calander and will not be able to help him!

  2. That's pretty funny. He sent it to me, too. I was going send a snide reply (something like "Why don't I save us both some time and just wire you all the money in my bank account right now?") but decided there was no point.

    I must say, targeting individual practitioners within a specific industry is an interesting twist on the old Nigerian/Spanish-prisoner email scam. I have no doubt we'll be seeing more of it.


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