September 01, 2005

Martha, you're so mean lame!

Martha Stewart's apprentice phrase when she eliminates contestants from the show is going to be "You just don't fit in" which is the lamest catchphrase in reality television's history. Couldn't they have come up with some varying mutation of "it's a good thing" which is her catchphrase? Even "it's a bad thing" or "it's not a good thing". I just hope she doesn't apologize every single time she fires someone... apologizing is a weak thing in business, and this is not a weak woman. oh well. it's silly, and I'll never watch it. Not because of her, but because I don't watch TV unless I'm on vacation, and the hotel has cable. (I do get movies through netflix, watch video on ifilm and iTunes, and watch commercials through I'm not totally out of the media loop!)

Last thing I ate or drank: a perfectly ripe pear... but that was hours ago.

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1 comment:

  1. "You just don't fit in"

    They couldn't come up with something better than that? That's pretty sad! They have been pretty tight lipped about what it was suppose to be..


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