October 06, 2005

"YUMMO" goes national

Rachael Ray is getting a new TV show that's NOT on food network.

How's she going to find the time to do yet another show?

Maybe everything on foodtv will just go to reruns...

Anyway, it's one of Oprah's projects. Oprah as Fairy Godmother? I guess I'd sign up for that!

God, and people say that *I* do too much. I don't have 3 tv shows, a magazine and a bunch of product endorsements...


(let's start referring to Kelly as Stedmond, shall we?) *grin*


  1. I knew Oprah first, when she was just a local newscaster in Baltimore! Hah!

    When she moved to Chicago for her show, they replaced her with Beverly Burke, who looks exactly the same.

    I feel conflicted about Rachel Ray. On the one hand, she's hot. On the other, she's annoying as all get-out. I usually just mute the volume and gaze lustfully.

  2. I just don't get the association between her and Oprah ... I mean, Dr. Phil was an unknown before Oprah. Rachael Ray's not. She doesn't need Oprah. Strange.

  3. my thoughts about Rachel Ray are far more offensive than anything you've said here and i will spare you -- just know that i am on your side.

  4. LOL. I had a post about her recently and I don't much look forward to the Ray-ization of the world either...



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