November 09, 2005

a little heart-to-heart advice

It's a hectic week. I've got a huge gig that has expanded from 100 to 150 guests (with only 3 days notice!) and I'm also trying to recruit for some december events.

Can I offer the Los Angeles-based catering job applicant two bits of advice?
  1. Maybe you don't want to choose an e-mail address that includes words like "Actor", "Thespian", "TheatreNut", "Sexy", "MegaBabe", "Porn Star", "CrazyGirl" or "SexGod" Just an idea.
  2. If you need to reschedule an interview because you landed an audition, it is not a good idea to actually say so when you're asking to reschedule. You're more likely to get cast as the next president on West Wing than to get another interview timeslot... and last time I checked, neither Alan Alda or Jimmy Smits is looking for catering work these days. Truly, this would be a good opportunity for you to blatantly lie ACT!

Last thing I ate or drank: picking at another batch of stock bones...

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1 comment:

  1. Thats so hysterical. LA is filled with actors. We have 3 in our accounting offices (including me). The trick is to be so professional and such a good employee, that they won't mind if you want to go out on auditions.
    I did once work with a girl who acted on the job. She'd make phone calls using various accents. It was really strange.


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