March 15, 2006

C is for cookie

my desk smells like cookies and I have no idea why, because there are no cookies here.

I wouldn’t mind some cookies...

Anyone wanna stop by with some cookies?  I’ll make tea!

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  1. Hey JoAnna,

    I too have had a hankering for some good cookies. You know the kind that grandma made, not quite hard but not really soft but had that taste. Well the taste that only grandma could give. Shy of that, I make a mean Peanut Butter cookie – not too soft but just right. The problem is that if I were to drive to you I’m like a day or two and unfortunately for you I’d eat them up before I got there. I mean what you want me to stop at the Flying J for some food?

    Ok, I’m being mean, “Flying J” can have some good “truck stop” food. If you need your biscuits and gravy fix – no better place then a “Flying J”, perhaps an older “Denny’s” but if you are in Seattle, you have to drive to the “Pine Cone Café”. I’d have to agree with the review (see link below) of the place it is truly the “last of the real dive” spots in town.


    Flying J -
    Pine Cone Café –


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