March 25, 2006

Book Review: I Want My Dinner Now!

"I Want My Dinner Now! - Simple Meals for Busy Cooks"

This book came to me in the mail, and the author even graciously signed it to me! How sweet!

This book was thoughtfully written, including all the info that a novice cook needs to put food on the table.

Any cookbook author should include ingredients and directions... That's a given, but including an estimate of the time it takes to make the food is a nice touch. Plus, Ms. Pottle includes a listing of dishes that go well with that recipe

There are also lists of pantry items which you should have on hand, market items, that you probably have to buy at the store, and even tips to make preparing the food a little easier.

MY FAVORITE THING about this cookbook, though, is that she includes measurements for TWO and for SIX servings for each recipe. No culinary math!

The one recipe I tried was the Skillet Chicken Paella. It didn't include saffron or any seafood, and it called for 'instant minced onion' and 'instant minced garlic' So basically, it's a chicken & tomato dish with peas. Not like paella all that much, but it was pretty good.

I have to confess, though, this cookbook's a little basic for me. I can make most of these items listed without a recipe, but I cook professionally so that's not a fair analysis. ChefSmiley I am sure that it would help my gravely kitchen-impaired friend Kumari, and if I ever see her again <sob> I'll give it to her. (she and I work too much and live too far away, it's so sad) I'm sure she'd get far better use of it than I would, and it's a good way for her to start getting accustomed to using her new kitchen.

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