February 24, 2007

It's Bacon!

Mmm, Bacon! Inspired by the slashfood post:

You know that weird sentence, "Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo."

Well, I've got a few of those that are not as precise, but they're homonyms. One of them is

"Bacon Bakin', Bakin' Bacon"

...explained thusly: Kevin Bacon/While smoking a doob/inserts into a hot oven/strips of delicious meat candy.

The bonus is that it can be sung to the McDonalds jingle a while back. Too bad I can't sing it for you, but let me know if you remember it! it went:
Bacon bacon bacon bacon
Bacon bacon bacon bacon
Bacon bacon bacon bacon
Bacon bacon bacon bacon!
no, that's not a joke. that's really how the jingle went!

I'm not even going to go into "Bawling Ball and bald balled Baldwin's Bald Balls ball" But you can try to deciper it on your own time.

And kids, don't do drugs... you'll end up with a website like

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