April 18, 2008

Grilled Cheese Invitational: LOCATION ANNOUNCED!

I'm so bummed that i took work and i can't do this, because it sounds like SO MUCH FUN! If you go, please take lots of pictures and smuggle me out some samples.

Greetings Cheese Enthusiasts!
This is the moment you have all been waiting for! Everything is coming together. Grills are at the ready. Loaves are waiting to be sliced. The cheese is...well...cheese!
The 1st 6th Annual National Grilled Cheese Invitational is merely hours away!
But first, some quick updates....
As you are probably already aware, the exposure for this event has gotten completely out of control! Los Angeles demands cheese! The public response to this event that I started six years ago is quite humbling and I'm so psyched to see that everybody loves grilled cheese as much as I do.
The unfortunate part is that the event location can only hold so many people and the parking lot can only hold so many cars, and not everybody will be able to get in to enjoy the Invitational.
Once the capacity for the event site has been reached, no one else will be allowed in, so do make sure to get there early, as we cannot guarantee space or promise anything.
CARPOOL, everybody! Seriously. This can't be stressed enough.
The more people who carpool, the more people will be able to get in to enjoy the event.
If when you get to the event, you see signs announcing that the event is at capacity, we apologize, but we mean it.
If you get into the event, you are more than welcome to bring beverages with you, however they must be non-alcoholic and in an unbreakable containers.
This is an adult event and the tone runs somewhere between PG-13 and a soft R, so please use judgement with regard to bringing young children. I mean, look at the names of the sammich categories.
If you have some poems about cheese, we'd love to hear 'em while the competitors grill. Stop by the stage and see one of the MCs to get on the schedule.
The event opens at 5:00pm and grilling starts promptly at 5:30 and will run till 9:00pm, or until we run out of cheese.
There will be over 140 people grilling in competition at the event!
As an added bonus, Kraft Singles has signed on board as a sponsor and will be on hand providing thousands of samples of the sammich that started it all plus all sorts of awesome freebies!
Also, IZZE beverages will be there in force and providing free samples of their sparking fruit juices as well.
There will be also be T-shirts, aprons and hoodies available for sale! Show your support for the event and also pick up some of the most frighteningly awesome merch you'll ever have the pleasure of wearing on your own body.
Have fun and remember, with a little bread, butter and cheese, even you too could be a Grilled Cheese Champion!
The event takes place at:
Crystal Springs Picnic Grove
Griffith Park
4730 Crystal Springs Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Saturday April 19th
Event opens at 5:00pm
Grilling commences promptly at 5:30pm
Trophies awarded by 9:30pm
That address will get you into the park by the pony rides, but you'll want to follow the signs to the Crystal Springs Picnic Grove.
Here's a fancy google maps link that better shows where we'll be:
If you don't end up getting into the event, once again, I apologize.
But I also promise to you that next year's national grilled cheese Invitational will be in a much larger venue that will accommodate all the cheesey masses yearning eat cheese!
Yours in bread, butter, cheese and victory,
Tim Walker
Chief Instigator & Founder
Grilled Cheese Invitational

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