May 24, 2008

"What's the worst catering job you've ever done?"

Last night's event officially claimed the honor of being the answer to that question.

First I opened the can of “crab meat” but it was layers and layers of claws with a tiny bit of meat attached. To make the crabcakes, I had to pluck the meat off of these plastic-y looking cartilage things that were inside each bit of meat.

Then power went out! which meant I couldn’t use my electric mixer, and I had to make the aioli with a whisk by hand. Also, the oven was powered electrically, so I couldn’t bake anything, and I had to cook everything on the stove. (Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that the gas still worked!)

Then, it got dark. REALLY DARK. I had to cook by candlelight.

THEN, even though I was careful, the sink got backed up, and we couldn’t use the disposal. So I couldn’t even wash any dishes. I had to take everything home dirty, and washed as much as I could bear... the rest will be waiting for me when I get back to Los Angeles. :-(

Did i mention that this was for a wedding reception dinner? Poor things, what an awful situation... But everyone said they couldn’t believe that I just kept on cooking and served everything on the menu. Amy, the bride, even said that the food was delicious, and she’d never have noticed that the power was out from my cooking.

So here's me, dead tired, signing off.

Last thing I ate or drank: home-made gingerbread muffin and some red & green grapes

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