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Chef JoAnna is one of the original Los Angeles food blog writers. She started blogging before she enrolled in culinary school, but when school ended she decided that blog had to go. She started ChefBlog to transition from student to professional, and has been blogging about her Personal Chef and Catering gigs regularly (more or less) since then. Now residing in Prospect, TN, JoAnna is working on her new gig, MockingbirdAcres.com

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October 15, 2009

New posts on the Mockingbird Acres Blog

Hello friends and family!

A few new posts have been added to the Mockingbird Acres blog.

Please have a look, and add your comments!

You might have noticed I haven’t been sending a notice to this mailing list every time we post something...  But I will if enough of you want me to.

You can reply to this message to let me know which you’d rather have happen:

  1. Send a notice every time a new post goes on the website
  2. Send a notice only every so often, every week or two

,,,and if it doesn’t matter, then you don’t have to reply at all. :-)

Sending warm hugs from chilly, damp Prospect, TN!



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