February 10, 2005

A Chef JoAnna "Sighting"!

Tuesday, as I was driving home, I had another Angelyne sighting. She's one of those people who's famous for nothing, but she's an L.A. Icon™ of the first degree. She's sitting there in her pink corvette, in the left-hand turn lane, headed towards Brentwood. It's one of those wonderful little things that remind you that you live in Los Angeles. click for pix

Yesterday, I was parked in a loading zone in front of Jerry's Deli in Westwood Village, waiting for a phonecall that would tell me if I had to drive to Northridge or not, and someone had a Chef JoAnna "sighting"! Ok, ha ha, not that I am, or will be, as famous as Angelyne, but it's kinda cool: two women were on their way to lunch, saw my truck and stopped and asked me for a card. We chatted for a bit; turns out they work in a doctor's office, and the doc is displeased with the Zone diet delivery company, and they thought I could help. I told them some of the menus I did recently, and one girl nudged the other and said, "Why aren't we having that for lunch?"

I'm just tickled, I had to share.

Most recent thing I ate or drank: latte, tartine de beurre

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