February 09, 2005

practice makes perfect!

I'm constantly practicing what I'm about to feed to my clients. I've got three big caterings coming up. 6-course seated dinner for 8, five-course seated dinner for 25, and a cocktail party for 75. over the past week, kelly's been eating like a king, as I practice the things that I will be making for the parties. Flourless chocolate cake? Dessert the other night. Chicken Roulade Florentine? Yesterday's dinner. Home-made-from-scratch ravioli? that was tonight's dinner. I'm covered in flour and my hands are positively aching. But I'm tapping away at this machine and blogging anyway.

Tomorrow he's getting Suppli (which I've always called arancini) It's Italian street food, which I fondly recall eating at those spectacular Italian festivals when I was a kid in Chicago. It's breaded balls of risotto stuffed with mozzarella and deep fried. Yeah, you want some. Good thing he's not a low-carb freak and that I don't give a damn about carbs!

So what's left to practice for the upcoming weeks? Might as well make a cassata. It's the only other thing I haven't made in a while. Do I force cake upon my poor husband AGAIN this week? Hell yeah.

Last thing I ate or drank: after all that fancy-schmancy home made delicious food, I'm drinking "cappucino" made from a powdered mix. ha ha.

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