July 24, 2005

I'm not so worried about THEM as competition:

A friend of mine told me about this website he came across. h o t t i e c h e f s . c o m (I'm not hotlinking on purpose.)

Well, I could be catty and call their menus uninspired...but I don't suppose anybody's hiring them because of the food.

I'd rather be catty and wonder aloud "why don't they show any closeups?"

I'm grateful that MY job doesn't require me to wear stilettos, and risk grease burns in my cleavage. (I just saw Woman On Top and marveled at the stuff they had wearing while "cooking" Not to mention the hair. But again, they're not selling the food. If they were selling the guy who played her husband, Murilo Benicio, I might buy me some of that. /dancing in jail scene/ )

Hey -- nobody knows what frilly little things I'm wearing under that stiff white jacket!

Last thing I ate or drank: bagel, with blackberry jam, and a latte.

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  1. If you look at your competitors' site, they also link to n a u g h t y c h e f s . c o m , which is even more so.

    It's an interesting pitch, do I want hot women in tiny clothes serving at my romantic dinner?


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