July 12, 2005

Things you do for friends

I've uploaded photos of a cake I made for a friend's baby's birthday.

I broke three of my major personal rules for this cake. 1) I don't do cakes 2) I don't work for friends 3) I don't bake at my home for my clients. But since this is a special favor for a dear friend of many years, for his son's first birthday, I figured it would be okay to break a few rules.

See the 'making of' pictures in my FLICKR set I made everything by hand except for the gummy sharks. The shells are white & pink and white & gold chocolate, in a sand made of tinted granulated sugar. I also used cake spray-color to add dimension to the water-surface. The main cake (a dense cinnamon/chocolate cake) & cupcakes (lemon and vanilla) are frosted with buttercream, and decorated with royal icing.

The smash cake (it's a garibaldi not a goldfish, dammit!) is frosted with a pale orange meringue. Good and smooshy, and gets out of clothing much more easily than greasy buttercream, which I actually make with BUTTER and CREAM and NO G-D CRISCO!

I had to take off & couldn't stay for the party (well, I did have somewhere I had to be, but even if I didn't, I HAD to take off and I COULDN'T stay. As if I'd last 10 minutes at a children's party) but I'm hoping Daniel's got some pix of the kids eating cake!

So, what do you think?

Last thing I ate or drank: microwave kettle corn... but that was hours ago.

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  1. Gorgeous! You should really think about this cooking and baking things as a profession!

    Sorry...feeling snarky today.

    Seriously though, nice job! Email me when you get a second.

  2. What're you hatin' on the Crisco for? You know it was invented for us Jews to be keepin' Kosher. Don't be down on my peeps now yo!


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