May 16, 2006

Google Loses Newly Acquired Chef

Google had hired two new executive chefs, Scott Giambastiani of San Mateo's high-end Viognier restaurant and Steve Petusevsky, a former national director of creative food development for Whole Foods Markets.

After a highly-publicized search, (which included many, of my friends forwarding the details to me, heh) they came in to replace Chef Charlie Ayers, Google's most recent chef and former Grateful Dead chef. Ayers left Google in May 2005. It has taken Google over a year to find a new chef; the search began in December 2004.

Today I read that Steve Petusevsky already quit as the co-exec chef of Google's headquarters.

Did he just do it for the publicity or was there something about the organization that didn't sit well with him?

If you get a link to more information, I'd love to find out what happened.

Google Loses New Chef

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