March 23, 2007

"I had 'A Chef's Kitchen' cater for me, and it was terrible!"

I'm aware that there are several other women named JoAnna out there in the world, and that a good handful of them are also chefs... but wouldn't it be weird to discover that another chef named JoAnna was doing business in Los Angeles?

ARTICLE: A Chef's Kitchen sues 'copy-cat' business over use of name (The Virginian-Pilot - "The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction against the use of the name and that the upstart business surrender to the court all infringing materials such as signs, business cards, letterhead, fliers, labels and logos. They also want the business to disconnect phone, fax and internet lines for 'A Chef's Kitchen,' and arrange for the lines to be forwarded to the Williamsburg business."

but yikes, look at all these domains:

Would you be surprised to realize that NONE of them belong to the either of the litigants! In fact the established company the newer company

Ah, but the clincher, is that they're only an hour's drive from each other. _
click for the google maps page.

How can someone start a business, and go through all the trouble of filing paperwork and creating letterhead, registering domains and forming corporations... and then later discover that, OOPS, someone else already has been using the same business name, for the same business model, in the same area!

On one hand, Chef Gonzales chould have just waited for their inevitable failure. Nobody who's that stupid about starting their business can be that smart about running it... but if there is a potential that the other company is going to tarnish his name and reputation in the process, (duh: see above) then yeah, litigation is the way to go.

And, uh, please don't sue ME. :-D

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