August 15, 2005

lots to tell, too much to do

OH, my friends, I'm so sorry I haven't posted. I hadn't had a day off in about 10 days, and I probably won't get one for another 5 or so...

I keep doing my usual Personal Chef sessions, plus I had a big party in Malibu, 75 guests for a company "barbecue" at the home of the president and his wife.

On Monday, I was trolling the CraigsList ads over breakfast, and one of them caught my eye. I googled the fax number, and found out that the restaurant was a place of some significance. I sent in my resume, and got a call that afternoon! I had an interview at this guy's restaurant! And he liked me! I wanted to work part-time, on-call, but it turns out he only wanted a full-time, six-nights-a-week line cook. Sorry, no. I was so flattered, but I knew that there is so much stuff already booked in my calendar, I couldn't commit to a real job with him. But I've offered to go there every night I'm free if he'd let me, maybe teach me some things, and he said yes! KICK ASS! He does such beautiful work and his food is so yummy. Every time he'd make something on the line, he'd pass the pan over the "island" for one of us lackeys to take to the sink. All us lackeys had spoons, and were encouraged to taste the sauces from the food. OMG, I had to hold back from physically licking the pan. One of the trainees put the wrong foam on the minestrone, and of course, it couldn't be sent out to the dining room like that, so we, uh, ate the evidence. The most delicious crime I've committed. I would be happy to become a recidivist, if that guy keeps making mistakes! I did more than just eat, tho. I skinned, seeded and julienned a 200 pan of roasted red pepper. I made 2 quart containers full of brunoise of idaho potato (a brunoise is smaller than 1/4" dice). I zested (with a peeler) about 25 limes, then chiffonade'd the zest, then sectioned out the little lime sections. Then I peeled about 2 quart containers worth of garlic cloves with a little paring knife, shredding my thumb in the process. Luckily, I did the limes BEFORE the garlic. I had a blast, and I can't wait to go back!!!

Well today was supposed to be the day "off" but I've been trying to do all the other stuff I've put off for those 10 days, and I'm not even 10% done with the crap I have to catch up on. And I promised friends they could come over tonight for drinks before we go out to dinner.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I've got two formal-seated dinners.
Thursday is a Personal Chef gig.
Friday I plan to work at the above-mentioned restaurant,
and Saturday is the Restaurant Expo at the Los Angeles convention center.

Perhaps on Sunday I'll rest.

Last thing I ate or drank: a little snack of candied ginger

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  1. Your life is so incredibly AWESOME! There's nothing like a job that...isn't really, right!?
    Have fun and I'll keep reading!

  2. It sounds like you have an very busy yet exciting life! How fun to be able to go and learn from him!

  3. Wow, you have been busy, but glad to have you back! ;)


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