August 20, 2005

people who didn't get the memo.

Everyone has been asking me for beef and pork.
Everyone has been asking me for Italian food, especially pasta.
Everyone has been asking me for rich, chocolate desserts.

Come on, now! This is L.A. people! Don't you read the magazines? The rest of the world doesn't believe you eat pasta and red meat!

Eat brown rice and tofu, with a side of raw veggies like you're supposed to!

Last thing I ate or drank: I'm about to make some tabbouleh for dinner. Completely raw ingredients: cracked wheat, olive oil, tomato, cucumber, parsley, herbs, fresh lemon juice. Someone's got to set an example!

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  1. We tried tabbouleh for the first time a week or two ago - it was good! I'm making something this week that including bulgur wheat.

  2. I love brown rice and tofu....yum...and I'm a Hoosier. No steak for me thankyouverymuch. :)


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