June 21, 2006

New and improved feature of ChefBlog:

If you enjoy reading other people's real-life cooking questions, (maybe because you're too embarassed to ask for yourself?) you're in luck. I'm going to make answering cooking and kitchen-related questions a regular part of my posting repertoire, and I would love to have a few more real questions to answer.

I am not going to post any fake questions, to fill space with namby-pamby softball requests like

  • "I need ideas for how to make pork chops more tender and juicy, do you have any advice? "
  • I always have lots of leftover egg yolks after making angel food cake (which calls for only the whites). What can I do with the yolks?
  • How can serrated knives be sharpened?

    (By the way, these are actual questions from the Feb 2002 issue of Martha Stewart Living. The fact that such magazine is in my house shall remain undiscussed, and is not a question that may be posed via Chef Chat. Mmmmmm-kay?)

I'm looking for questions that can get answered with more than a cursory google search. (which is what I just did, in to include the links above.)

So, would you please consider posting a link to my Chef Chat page on your blog?

Ask me things that draw upon my experience as a Personal Chef who works in a dozen kitchens each month. Let me provide answers that can only be provided by someone who has catered parties in private homes under the most horrific of circumstances.

...And for the love of bacon, please don't ask me for specific recipes or for other things that you can look up on your own. There are lots of very good recipe listings, covering various cuisines and diets all over the Interwebs. Use them.

Anyway, here's the full HTML of the link. I would love it if you'd post it on your website, or your blog, or even have it ironed onto the posterior of your favorite sweatpants. Assvertising seems to be trendy these days, so why not?

Got cooking questions?
Ask Chef JoAnna

If you don't know how to put HTML into your blog, I think you can copy/paste the following HTML code into your blog and it should work. If it doesn't, just e-mail me and I'll send you the proper code.
<center>Got cooking questions?<BR><a href= "http://ChefJoAnna.com/chefchat.html" target="_blank">Ask Chef JoAnna</a></center>


Last thing I ate or drank: smoothie made of frozen pineapple chunks, rice milk, and soy/spirulina powder, blended up with a few ice cubes. My latest personal culinary fad. I've just discovered that blender leaks, though, there's a crack in the blade mechanism, so there's a sheen of green I have to clean up everytime I make breakfast. Bummer!

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