March 21, 2005

I'm a real person, not a marketing scam!

I have a teensy little problem with what I just read in this article, which I found on AdRants. Seems that Cocktails by Jenn is a marketing brainchild of a gi-normous company; there is no Jenn!

The article asks whether I'm outraged with what they are doing with this brand. Yeah, I guess I am... Not so much that I'm a potential customer being misled, but that it makes being a successful female entrepreneur a fairy-tale story, and cloaks the reality of what being an entrepreneur really is.

I'm a prime target for being taken advantage of in this case: I'd prefer to support a female entrepreneur than a huge multinational company -- and they seem to be intentionally misleading. When you find out she's a ficticious creation, and not a real person, it's such a chafe!

Here is this "girl" who allegedly pulled herself up by the, ahem, "ankle-straps" of her Jimmy Choo knockoffs, and started throwing cocktail parties out as a way to network and get ahead, and wow, gosh, they took off and her drinks were so great, she's abandoned her cherished internship and by golly is diving in to this pre-packaged-mixed-drink business with both dainty pedicured feet!

How on earth did she get funding for this project? Obviously not from her savings as a "junior fashion editor". No wonder she's got such fantastic packaging designed by an Art Director/Account Executive who used to be an ad executive for Pepsi.

Not to mention the cutesy Flash and Java encrusted website... Precious little Jenn the fashion intern did that all herself, too, right? Because we know she can't afford a hotshot web designer and graphic artist on her current low-level pay, right? She did it herself, just like me and my entrepreneur girlfriends did! Uh, no...Majestic Brands, Inc. apparently took care of that...seeing as how they're who made her up. **sigh**

I'm not saying there isn't a real person out there with Jenn's backstory who COULD work make great things happen for herself... I'm trying to do exactly that... I'm just saying I hate how THERE IS NO JENN and this "Fake Jenn" is making all the REAL Reginas, Kathryns, Ericas , Aileens, Elizabeths and yes, even the JoAnnas of the world wonder, "If Jenn can do it, why can't I?"

Last thing I ate or drank: bulgur with sautéed veggies

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