May 11, 2005

BlogLink Survivor!

I did a double last weekend. That means 2 parties, one right after the other, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. Chef was a dead girl on Monday, lemme tellya, and decided to take Tuesday off too, for good measure. I'll write about them tonight, tho, while I'm waiting to meet a friend for coffee this afternoon. I'm going to be all hip and cool, blogging from a cafe. Go me...

So, the thing prompting this posting is that I look at my stats every couple of days, just to see what google searches result in a click to this blog, and I'm finding that there are some really fun, fascinatingpeople linking to me! And yet, I'm linking to some dead blogs, over there in the right-hand column. I am a lazy chicky, tho, so I haven't been purging the flakes like I should.

So... if you read this blog, and you want me to list YOUR blog instead of some non-posting deadbeat* , then you can nominate someone to be eliminated, and I will put a link to your blog in its place. You can post in the comments, or you can send me an e-mail, and I'll make the switch tout-de-suite!

*non posting deadbeat = someone who hasn't posted anything in 2 months or more.

Last thing I ate or drank: just a latte. that's it. I'm so boring.

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  1. You could add me instead of tiny fork because that site appears to no longer be in existence.

  2. Hi Chef Joanna,

    I only just found your blog and have been reading and reading :) I love your things you must do before you die list, I definately agree with the go to an ethnic restaurant and order something that puts you out of your comfort zone. I have been putting this into practise lately.

    Um you could link to my blog if you like it enough...


  3. Hey there - love your blog, and I know you read mine. ;) I'd love to be listed in your links ... I know a lot of people wander over to you from my site now.


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