May 14, 2005

Walk Tall and Carry a Big Knife

A Chef ran amok with a 12-inch kitchen knife after he was driven to distraction by young tearaways banging on his front door. Three children ran away down the street in fright after Giovanni Mattioli, 32, threatened a couple in a car outside his home in Flower Street, Carlisle. “He was just running amok, frightening all and sundry in the street,” Judge Paul Batty QC said after hearing details of the case outlined at Carlisle Crown Court yesterday. (click on the link for more)

Last thing I ate or drank: My friend Erica spent the night so I made her a sumptuous brunch: fried eggs with Cured Smoked Pork Belly that I sliced thin and cooked like bacon, plus French toast made with 1/2" slices from a walnut & raisin country-loaf, drizzled with real, pure maple syrup.

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