May 25, 2005

visions of sugarplums in May

I'm a contributor at and SoCalorie posted something about the Great American Bake Sale taking place at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market tomorrow. (scroll a little more than halfway down...tho there doesn't seem to be anything included at the links they're linking to.)

...uh, YUM! And my appointment for tomorrow morning got postponed, so I'm going to head straight down there with a thermos of coffee and a half-asleep husband have me some pastries!

So, anyway, yes it's actually 4:16 AM, but since I dozed off after dinner, I guess I got enough rest to last me a while, and I haven't been sleepy for HOURS. So I'm baking a loaf of bread. I figure it should be ready to eat at around 7am, so I'll have something to take the edge off my hunger before the bake sale extravaganza. Photos will be posted later. Probably after my impending mid-afternoon nap.

Last thing I ate or drank: a nicely-spotted banana & a handful of dry-roasted peanuts

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  1. How was it? Did you go, did you go? -- SoCal

  2. YES, I went, I went. It was cute, on one hand, because most of the goodies were individually packaged treats of yummyness waiting to be bought, but a little frantic and chaotic on the other hand, since the women hawking the goods resembled a bunch of overenthusiastic room mothers desperate to sell every crumb in stock. It was uncomfortable.

    I'll post more on later tonight, including pix.


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