May 28, 2005

School's out!

I'm suddenly getting all kinds of emails and phonecalls from people who are asking me for my rates. Not conversations about menus, not inquring about just my rates. Must be the time that all the the Pasadena kids with their ink's-still-wet certificates are looking for work... Usually I'd be restrained and diplomatic about this... but this one was so funny I had to share. Please forgive me this little transgression, ok? Thanks.

Here's an e-mail I got from (yes, I'm outing him... just in case you're googling him!)
please tell me what your prices are across the board. maybe if you have a price list for everything on your website would be nice...
My suspicious were aroused, but I replied anyway:
Thanks for your inquiry!

I don't have prices like a restaurant menu... Give me your phone number, and I'd be happy to discuss what I can do for you.
so he replied with his phone number, and I phoned him this morning. He was very direct, unlike most of the people I deal with. Here is what I remember of the phonecall:
me: Hi, this is Chef JoAnna, I'm returning your message Hi. So, what are your rates?
me: well it depends on what you want no, just tell me your rates
me: well, it's not like you're going to best buy and getting a chef machine, it depends on what you're looking for you're insulting me, why don't you just tell me your rates?
me: because it depends, are you looking for a party, or a dinner for two... the level of service... ok, a dinner for two.
me: weeknight or weekend? both
me: a weeknight is ___ and a weekend is ___ and what about a party
me: it depends on what you want you've got a chip on your shoulder, probably because of your Art |nstitute education. good luck. [click]
me: WHAT?!?
so I called him back, he didn't answer. I left him a message telling him that that was already tipped off that he was just trying to find my prices. Nobody's ever questioned or addressed my culinary eduation, and that he was very confrontative. Then he called ME back, and I DID answer, and he told me that confrontative wasn't a word, and I just kept saying, "Austin, you've changed my life! Thank you!" hee hee. Then, I couldn't resist. I sent him this:
Dear, DEAR Austin,

Seems my vocabulary if just fine....

Have a nice life!
e-mail me offline if you want his phone number! And if anyone knows who this guy is, I'd be tickled to know more about him.
Last thing I ate or drank:My daily latte. Yum!

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  1. What a freak! I've been attracting creepies myself lately.


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