May 27, 2005


It happens, although rarely, that I'll cook for someone as a Personal Chef, and there's no "chemistry". I don't expect to be called back, which is okay, because I'm not doing this for a living, I'm doing this for the joy of it. (yes I expect to get paid, but if its not fun, the food's no good. Refer to "Like Water For Chocolate", the tears in the wedding cake, the roses in the quail... metaphors for the love --or lack of it-- in the food.)

Imagine my surprise when someone with whom I felt no chemistry (and certainly none was reciprocated back!) calls me up to ask me cater a party for them! "Really? you liked me after all?" how weird. My guard is up, but if they're willing to give ME a second chance, I'm willing to return the favor. but it's weird

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