June 20, 2005

Sizzler's misleading commercial

Here's today's social commentary:

Sizzler put out a commercial advertizing their new Sizzling Trio... but the way they advertise it is kind of misleading. They show a family of three at the grocery store checkout, watching their groceries being rung up. Here are some screen-captures from the whole commercial (which can be viewed on their website).

I feel that this ad is misleading because there's no way you'd use the whole bunch of cilantro, the entire bag of onions or the whole package of cheese that they show being rung up. Unless you have a personal relationship with your cardiologist, you shouldn't be splitting a pound of butter between three people...so that final total price doesn't really reflect the breakdown of what the meal will actually cost unless they threw everything that was left in the trash instead of stashing it in the fridge.

Then they show the family cooking the meal in their home.

There is a pot of milk boiling over (who's boiling milk for a steak, shrimp and chicken dinner?) and smoke billowing out of their George Foreman grill. You'd have to be over-the-top incompetent to have that thing smoke out like a tire on a bonfire!

Finally, they show a skillet featuring the final product prepared by the nice Sizzler folks:

That $12 pricetag is a bargain, don't get me wrong...but keep in mind that $12 per person doesn't include drinks, tax & tip.

There's a Sizzler two blocks from my house. I may just suck it up and go there for dinner tonight, just to see what you can get for $12 a head. In fact, maybe I should be buying those Sizzler dinners and serving them to my guests... because there's no way I can do that kind of food for $12 per person unless I paid myself and all my workers minimum wage, used the cheapest possible ingredients, and cooked the food way in advance and just kept it hot until someone ordered it... Oh, wait....

Last thing I ate or drank: Plain yogurt with blackerry jam, sprinkled with Kashi cereal, and a latte. Time for lunch though... so I'm going to go raid the fridge and see what's in there!

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  1. this brings me back to my 20's and eating the salad bar at sizzler on wilshire in santa monica. oh, those were the daysd.


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