June 22, 2005

what's your poison?

today I plan to subsist on hamburgers and tamarind kool-aid. (I already had my latte, so that doesn't count. it's essential. going without my latte in the morning is like saying, "I think I'll wake up today and not breathe".)

I found some tamarind kool-aid at the store and I bought 5 packets of that stuff. I love tamarind, I absolutely love it. The kool-aid is just okay, it's good but it kind of tastes like iced tea. I defrosted some ground beef with no specific plans for it. So I made burgers. I absolutely love my burger recipe. lots of onion, very moist. I made three of them. Which I plan to eat today. with ketchup and pickles but no bun/bread. then I'll have some tamarind kool aid.

it's a one girl, one recipe food orgy. yee-ha.

Last thing I ate or drank: beef hamburger and tamarind kool-aid

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  1. Mmmmm, burgers! I love mine with a big hunk of Saga Blue in the center. I'm still playing with recipes to enter into a $50k Grand Prize Burger Contest ... a few more months of happy taste-testing to go!


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