June 02, 2005

still barefoot...

figuratively speaking, of course, as soon as I made that fancy spreadsheet, I haven't been able to use it. I had a recipe for "coconut chicken legs" that I wanted to try out (I did, it was great, like a curry, but so easy!) so I didn't make Tuesday's plan. I had a Personal Chef job tonight, so I didn't make wednesday's plan. I'll have another one tomorrow, so that knocks Thursday off, Kelly's "you quit you lucky bastard" party is Friday, so that's off (but I'm making pineapple upside-down CUPcakes for them) and Saturday, I'm in negotiations with a couple who wants a formal seated dinner for 12 on a Sizzler budget. So Sunday... yeah. Totally Sunday... if we don't go to the doggy beach in Huntington Beach. Or if I don't go to Artesia with my friend Kumari to indulge in Indian food and buy more weird unknown foods! In the meantime, I'm eating junk. C'est la vie!

Last thing I ate or drank: a piece of chicken

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