December 18, 2005

Hey, baby, last night was fantastic!

I got there on time.
All my kitchen workers were on time.
All my servers & the bartender were on time
The food was out on time, and it was great.

We made food for over 100 people in a kitchen no bigger than the one in my little apartment. And there were three of us crammed in there!!

...with an antique stove combo...on which the burners wouldn't light without a lighter (I *so* take it for granted that mine lights automatically!) ...and on which the oven stopped working about an hour before the end of service.
These accursed antique ovens! Don't people realize that this is a Major Appliance, and that one that doesn't work is a Major Pain in the Ass to the chef when you hire her to cater your party?! And they're so small, I have to use these flimsy pans from Big Lots because none of my standard pans fit in them.
On the bright side, nothing broke, nothing ruined, nothing burned... well except for a couple mini pizzas that we tried to cook in the broiler after the oven stopped working. A valiant effort but a failure, in the end.

Anyway, everyone was great, everyone was in the groove, my workers didn't have to be told every silly little instruction, they actually Took Initiative and did what needed to be done. I am so so so so lucky to have found these wonderful people. Erin, George, Larri, Craig, and Jeannine. Plus, Harris from thursday night. Plus Carolyn from the night before that. (I can't tell you what sheer joy it is to look up from my work and see that the dishes are done.) AFAIK, none of them know about this blog, but if they did, I'd want them to know how proud I am of them all over this past week. If my company enjoys any degree of success, it's because of them.

Now, if I could just get my clients to pay their bills, so I can write out checks for my staff's tips!

Last thing I ate or drank: latte.

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