December 16, 2005

Santa, changed my mind again.

Ok, $34,000 was kinda pricy for a big old fancy stove. I could replace my cherished old red Miata and still have enough left over to buy the first utilitarian and non-sexy stove I asked for. < whine > But it would have matched my big black fridge, Darth 'Rator. </ whine >

A blog I've started reading, Delicious Delicious, pointed out some
cute refrigerator magnets
that would tuck into my stocking quite nicely.

I really don't need anything else.

Last thing I ate or drank: Latte prepared on my crappy little stove, and home-made apricot scones, baked in the crappy little oven that came with my apartment - The one that won't fit a standard professional baking sheet, as it lacks a mere 2" of width. The one that has only four small burners. The one has been scrubbed so much that the enamel is worn off under the cast iron burner rings. at least it's gas...

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