January 05, 2006

Finally something worth blogging about

I got my leaky sink replaced today, and now I've got a sprayer. We had one at our old place, and it's surprising how much I'd missed it. At some point in between when the plumber put it in and when he finished, I saw that there was a sprayer on the new faucet and I danced around for a minute. woo hoo!

If I got that excited about a silly little plastic sink sprayer imagine how psyched I'd be if I could computerize my entire kitchen!

I kid you not: I was just telling my dear Kelly that I wanted a barcode scanner for my kitchen! That would be sooooo cooooool!!

Click here to see even more oddball cooking toys. That I don't need. Much.

A ha! <rubs hands like a mad scientist > I will get him the mashed potato machine and he'll get me the barcode scanner. That seems like a fair trade!

Last thing I ate or drank: decaf earl gray with a bit of milk. niceness.

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