January 16, 2006

Gimpy the Chef

Where have I been? Well, I hurt myself at a hotel coming home from MacWorld. I stayed in Paso Robles, at a place with mineral spring jacuzzi tubs, and while getting out of it, I scraped my leg on some cracked tiles. It was pretty bad. Like, call the paramedics bad. On Friday the 13th. Nice, huh?!

Long story short, I've been spending most of my time trying to get around, hobbling to and fro. I can't stand for long periods of time, and oh my gawd Kelly has been cooking for me because I can't make food for myself!

Sheesh! It took me 90 minutes to take a shower this morning. Silly crap like that has made me very depressed and cranky. Want to go downstairs where the tv is and watch a movie? spend 5 minutes going down the stairs, on crutches. Oops, forgot my slippers! Spend another 10 trying to go back up, then another 5 to go back down.

Oh, and the good news -- I've got a 15-guest multi-course tapas party tomorrow night!

In a brief conversation with an attorney, I was told that if a family member helps me with anything, whether personal or for business, it's not recompensable, but if I have to outsource work to a hired third party, I should pay them with a check (not cash) and keep track of those payments; they will ultimately be reimbursed through the hotel's insurance. I include this here in case it happens to anyone else. I wouldn't have known that except for the attorney's consultation.

So I'll be hiring one of my workers to help me load my truck and get all the equipment ready for tomrrow. Then, I'm hiring a sous-chef through a staffing company for tomorrow night. I'm going to supervise. From a chair. This is going to suck.

Last thing I ate or drank: Breakfast in bed, served by my wonderful husband. And the best part? Today's my birthday.

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  1. hope your leg gets better soon! good luck with the "directing from a chair"... please blog about the tapas dinner :)

  2. That sucks - hope you get better fast. And in the meantime, enjoy the luxury of being able to sit for a few minutes! ;)

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! Take it easy and I hope your leg gets better soon! Enjoy the tapas party from the spectator section :)


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