January 24, 2006

Poor planning! Bad, BAD planners!

The Academy Awards and the Super Bowl are scheduled for the exact same day? Are you serious? I'm thinking that there are going to be some FIGHTS over the teevee on a certain Sunday in March.

WHOOPS!     I'm a month off! I got stuck on seeing that they were both on the 5th, but neglected to see that the superbowl is scheduled for February 5th and the Oscars are scheduled for March 5th.

So I'll offer my apologies to the planners, whoever they are, if they felt dissed for a couple of hours there. So sorry!

And I'm still not booked for either of them yet, so who knows, I might be able to go to a party! (I love throwing themed parties, I get all Martha Stewart, I just can't help it!)

Last thing I ate or drank: nothing since I woke up...

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  1. oh shit - i have already accepted invites to both. I had absolutely no idea.

  2. In years past the conflict was with the NCAA Basketball Final Four.

    It was never a conflict for me as sitting through the Oscars was and still is worse than the dentist chair.

    Oscars have since moved to Sunday night and a different week, I think.


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