January 23, 2006

My company's first Employee Appreciation party!

On Saturday night, I held my first company party. I invited my whole roster of current employees to my home for a little drinkin' and eatin' and fun-makin'. It was a blast.

First off, I'm simply astounded that I have enough regular workers to throw a party for my staff. I made a little speech over the champagne toast, saying how there wouldn't be any Chef JoAnna, Inc. without them, and how much I appreciated all their work and support over the last year. Then I toasted their significant others. Then I toasted my husband for all the work he's done since the beginning of this endeavor. I'm not a religious person, but there's no way to explain my feelings except to say that I've been blessed to have such wonderful people around me.

Then, people took turns doing a "roast" of me. First they went around and gave "Chef JoAnna Quotes that should never appear on the website." Then we all talked about the wide variety of clients, the amazing and the horrible kitchens we've worked in, the biggest tips and the biggest jerks, the narrowly averted disasters, and the amazing success despite the adversity facing us on a given job.

It's been a great year.

I'm already looking forward to next year's party! If I can make a wish, it will be that so many of my staff will show up that I can't host it in my own home!

Last thing I ate or drank: breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, with jam, and a glass of juice, served to me in bed by my wonderful husband. Still recovering from my ouchy, and I have a hard time getting around on my gimpy foot.

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  1. There is no greater reward for something that you do then actually recive confirmation that you do a great job from your employes. That tops any paycheck :).
    My best wishes 2u and may -06 be just as good :))


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