August 03, 2006


Tomorrow I will find out if my loan request for $50k goes through. As far as I can tell, my credit should be excellent, but there's still the process to go through. $50k is not that much, really. It's only about twice the rent of the space I'm seeking. Between that, and one line-cook's wages for a year, it's already spent. YIKES!

Last thing I ate or drank: Pho at Red Moon (no way am I going to bother to try to find the diacritics for those letters. Just pronounce it FAH and let's be done with it, ok?


  1. What? You're not going to blow it all on a fancy car and Manolos? :0

    Seriously ... that's awesome. It'll go through just fine and before you know it, whatever secret you're hiding about this kitchen will be out and successful.


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