August 26, 2006

Another "sell-out"? Yeah, but you'd probably do the same...

Tyler FlorenceWhen I told Kelly that Tyler Florence had sold out to Applebee's, even HE let out a very anguished "Aaaaugh!". Tyler!

I would be fine with getting some corporate sponsorship money, but I would have to think twice about who I affiliated with.

"Applebee's International Inc. (APPB.O: Quote, Profile, Research) on Friday said it hired Tyler Florence, a chef from cable television's Food Network, to develop four exclusive menu items for its casual dining restaurants."

Only four items? They should have had him revamp the entire menu. Post haste.

P. S. RayRay turned 38 on Friday.

1 comment:

  1. What could he possibly come up with? Applebee's has the four food groups covered so well already; cheese, meat, deep fat frying oil, and butter.
    I'll have to take you there as soon as his creations are ready. We'll dine and ditch if it is bad.


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