August 09, 2006

Hey, L.A., What's your grade?

How much does it mean to you that the restaurant you're eating at has an "A" grade by the Los Angeles County Department of Health? CLICK to find out if your favorite establishment is making the grade. (applies to Los Angeles county only.)


  1. I am so all about grades on restaurants! I won't even buy a Coke from a "B" establishment. Once, when my 16 year old nephew was visiting from New York he wanted to go into this pizza place with a "C" grade. I gave him a whole lecture on how restaurants in LA are graded, going on and on about the different things the health department inspects. He finally looked up and exasperated said "Aunt Karen, I just want to go in there so I can talk to those two girls!"

  2. He wasn't looking for letters, he was looking for DIGITS! That's a cute story, thanks!


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