April 22, 2005


Really, can someone tell me what's going on out there?

Today, I'm getting unsolicited applicants. People want to work for me! People who send me e-mail addressed to "Dear Sir or Madam". People that I've interviewed weeks ago are checking in with me to see if I'm gearing up for the summer. I think that's as flattering as any of the compliments that my clients give me!

I really, really really love what I do. I wish I could express it more completely. I love the energy, I love the creativity. I love shopping for the groceries for each event. I love the camaraderie with my workers. I love seeing empty plates come back from the dining room. I love the feeling I get after the client's kitchen has been returned to the same condition it was before I walked in. I love that even though I'm exhausted to the core, I can't fall asleep because I'm still so pumped about how great everything went. I love being able to pay the people who worked for me. and I love the feeling of excitement when the phone rings again... it could be another client!

(Yes, this is the same person who wrote out that good-client/other-client manifesto a couple days ago.)

Last thing I ate or drank: two fried eggs and some bread.... I was starving and couldn't wait around for toast.

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  1. You might actually have an actual revenue-generating business here, not just a fun way to pay the bills!


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