April 05, 2005

they're standards for a reason...

I bought two toaster ovens today, they were only $35 apiece, Black & Decker brand, they seem like they'd be big enough to roast a whole chicken inside...and they seem to be powerful enough for what I need... But they're weird shaped: the pan that comes with them is squarish. 9x10 instead of the standard 9x13 ratio, so I don't have any extra pans to fit in them. As far as flat-surface is concerned, it looks like it can only cook about 4 chicken breasts per oven, maybe 6 if you push it. It would be big enough to heat a server's tray worth of appetizers, probably. I think that one, if not both of them, are going back tomorrow. :-(

Last thing I ate or drank: tiny crunchy amaretto cookies from Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica. I'm so sad to hear that they'll be getting rid of their packaged goods section!

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