July 31, 2006

...and what have you done with my REAL husband?

In the past several nights, my darling husband has eaten the following items willingly:

Monkfish (which I made for him, here at home)

roquefort butter (the sauce provided with the filet mignon served at Orris)

braised romaine lettuce (also at Orris

truffled gaufrette potatoes (I snuck it on him, but he liked it & didn't know why)

baked tofu in a waldorf salad with a soy yogurt dressing (he ate the whole thing!)

tempeh in an orange-cinnamon sauce (he had seconds!)

see, I'm really getting him to come around!

Last thing I ate or drank: above mentioned tempeh dish. Needs tinkering in my opinion, but Kelly really enjoyed it!

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