July 29, 2006

Someone's reading my blog, from beyond the grave...

or maybe, IN THE GRAVE!!

OK, seriously, who was clever enough to set up their google address as a cemetary plot? That's brilliant!!!


  1. Maybe they're a mortition. =)

    There's a possibility that we will be moving closer to LA, in which case I may have to check out your services. My husband loves to cook. I bet he'd be surprised if I got him some personal cooking lessons. =)

    I'm going to have to tell his aunt to check out your website. She just started her own cooking business.

  2. That is too funny about it coming from the graveyard. I just added the geo thing to my blog and I found myself and zoomed in and it's got me coming from the city across the bay from where I live as my address...so it's not THAT accurate!


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