July 10, 2006

Bacon Cereal

My culinary experiments don't usually go like THIS...


  1. Serendipitous post!!!

    Last thing I ate (ten minutes ago): Large bowl of torn heart of romaine, tomato, sweet onion, bleu cheese dressing, homemade bacon bits and croutons.

  2. Wow, that's ... impressive. I do love bacon, to my health's detriment. Maybe this is the recipe to cure me of that bittersweet love.

  3. my favorite part was that he put 'fake' bacon bits on top of his REAL bacon bits.

    I have always kept bacon fat in the freezer just for pushing the envelope when making a roux for sauces, as well as for frying eggs, but I stopped eating eggs, and I don't keep milk anymore, so I suppose I can get rid of the bacon fat.

    I <3 bacon, yes sir I sure do, but it's not compatible with a vegan diet. <sob>

  4. How on earth can a vegan chef cook non-vegan meals? I'm just sayin', you have to taste things.

  5. You might say I'm vegan the way my mother was catholic.

    When it's inconvenient, I eat what's in front of me.

    ...and I always taste everything I make, even stuff I don't like. Like shrimp.

    In fact, I today I reformulate my
    recipe for Barky Burgers for this year's Bark-B-Que, so technically, I ate dog food for lunch today. With soy sauce. Yum.


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