July 01, 2006

What do you call it?

Soda or Pop or Coke, or something else?


  1. I'm a "soda" person myself, although I've been guilty of calling all soda "coke" from time to time.

    I adore when people call it "pop" though. I think that's cute.

  2. Coke in NJ. :) Although Nicholas swears it's Diet Coke and Soda (regular Coke). ;)

  3. When I was very small I remember that all the adults used the term Coke generically. Everyone was very specific for a decade or so after that by using the brand names of whatever they were drinking. The last couple of decades it seems that the generic term has become soda, with the term "soda-pop" being used in a derogatory manner. As in, "You aren't going to have *another* soda-pop, *are you*?"

    (I live in the northern Sacramento Valley, if you are interested.)


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