July 19, 2006

So this was the TV program interview:

Subject: RSN Television Request
One story we want to produce is a profile of a personal chef - you.

 "The RSN Lounge" co-host, Beth Lahr will be reporting the story and conducting the interview. We would love to be able to profile your personal-chef and in-home catering concept, explain how its becoming a trend, and maybe show a dish that you could prepare (without too much time invested, obviously).  The timeslot for filming would be Tuesday, July 18 from 3 to 6:30pm


"The RSN Lounge" is the network's daily half-hour lifestyle program that profiles great destinations, gear and gadgets, fashion, dining, personalities, and cutting-edge trends.

RSN Television (www.rsn.com) produces programs for its network of stations that broadcast to 105 premier mountain and beach resorts across the United States.  With a Nielsen-measured annual unduplicated reach of 52 million viewers, RSN is the premier resort television network.  RSN is the number-one rated channel in its markets (beating ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN, and all other cable, network, and local channels), and delivers an upscale, engaged viewer.

-----> It went great: They showed up on time, got out on time, were very polite to my client and respectful of her home (hey, are you sure that these are really TV crew?)  They said they were really happy, I felt pretty comfortable during the interview, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get the photos out of my phone!

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