July 20, 2006


Five items in the freezer.
1. The freezer container to my ice cream machine
2. lots of boxes phyllo dough
3. a container of ginger sorbet that I made
4. a dozen of those blue ice pack thingys (Now that there's room for them in there!)
5. a bag of wonton skins and dumpling skins.

Five items in my closet.
1. Cute purses I don't carry because I use a giant swiss-army-brand piece of luggage as a purse (it fits the iBook!)
2. Cute shoes I don't wear because I bought them even though I don't have outfits to go with them
3. Cute oufits I don't wear because I don't have shoes to go with them
4. One of those plug in vibrating chair pads that you're supposed to use when you relax
5. White polos with a "Molson Canadian" logo embroidered on them, that I haven't yet covered up with Chef JoAnna logo patches yet, because I can't sit still long enough to sew.

Five items in my car.
1. A makeshift pen-on-a-retractible-cable that I modified from a cable thing that was still attached to the hole puncher I got from an office depot that went out of business
2. a "deposit to the account of" stamp that I double-face-taped to my dashboard, because I can't ever remember what my bank account number is
3. a bazillion paper-wrapped extra long drinking straws I bought because the little short ones get lost in my nalgene bottles
4. a teensy little fire extinguisher
5. a extra complete set of kitchen clothes, including shoes, because you never know when you might have to cook!

Five items in my wallet.
1. Business card sized magnets with my phone number
2. A toothpick wrapped in plastic
3. A photo of my sweetie
4. A 50¢ piece that I'll probably never spend
5. A little Feng Shui card that is supposed to attract money to my wallet. Because, what if it works?

Five people I tag for this meme:
1. Cate
2. Joe
3. Katie
4. Sarah
5. Wade


  1. Maybe you could lie on the vibrating chair cushion, while sewing on your patches, and kill two birds with one stone.

  2. Thanks for the tag ... I played!

    Although I'm not sure how interesting my possessions are. I, sadly, own no vibrating cushions, although I'm sure I could locate some vibrating things somewhere in my apartment ...


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