July 06, 2006

I found my kitchen today!

I found the kitchen that I'll be using for my 'other' company that I'm starting.
You know, the one that's top secret and I can't really feel comfortable talking about until the LLC is filed and the lease is signed? Yeah, that one.
It's HUGE, it's cheap, it's furnished, it's Dept. of Health approved, it's mine exclusively, and it's close to home.

Anyway, as I explained to Kelly, it's like someone promised me a new toy - I know what it is and I have seen it and it's MINE MINE MINE, but I can't have it YET and it's killing me. I have the patience of a caffeinated gnat on crack.

So anyway, it's 1:36 AM and I'm sitting here making lists and fussing with menus and thinking about placing ads to hire help, and worrying about packaging and worrying about whether I will have enough equipment to get us started, and worrying if we'll have enough MONEY to get us started (we will, I'm sure, but I can't help but worry...)

and I'm thinking about all the stuff I need, and how will I know what I need, and how will I get it, and should I buy it new or used, and should I buy it now or in five weeks, and on and on and on...

but I have to sit back, and ponder, and breathe, and realize:
    I've been doing this for years.
      I've made all my lists already
        I know what I can handle
          I know how to be cost conscious
            I have to trust myself
And OH YEAH, I'm a damn good cook.

So stop typing, stop worrying and just go to bed.
You don't botch things, and you don't let things slide.
You're too much of a control freak to let that happen.
You've got all your ducks, sure, but it's too soon to line them up.

so go brush your teeth, stop yawning, stop fussing, and let it go.

It's going wait for you until you're ready.
And when you're ready, it's going to be there.

Last thing I ate or drank: a sweet, delicious, juicy really perfect melon. I spend a lot of time in the melon section, poking and prodding and smelling and hefting every melon I can reach, and I've had four out of four successes over the past two weeks!

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  1. Congrats! I really hope everything works out! We should all be so lucky to find something that we love doing so much!

  2. I hope you order some good oil to cook in-lol.

  3. You're welcome to send me some, Elle!

    Click here to read my product review policy.

    ...and send me some literature, too, that I might include with the food I'll be delivering.

  4. Joanna,

    What about the spaces you passed on? I need a kicthen with walk ins, offices and warehouse space...


  5. Johh, DAHling... do you think I'd ahve passed on such a space if I'd have found it?


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