July 20, 2006

crack that whip!

I just can't seem to get myself in to a groove to work.
  • menus for the new company
  • filing so it doesn't pile up and make me waste time looking for stuff
  • emptying my truck so I can bring all the stuff to the Bark-B-Que on Sunday
  • research on packaging and shipping... only that's not entirely my fault, as I said, the salespeople don't call back, even when I return their messages
If only there were someone here to babysit me, I'd be much better. I'd be too embarassed to sit around and blog and fuss with stuff that doesn't need fussing. Like how I just matched all my odd keys to what they're supposed to go with. Is that really necessary?

Could it be a coincidence that I've become a lump of goo on the same week I've broken my coffee habit?

Last thing I ate or drank: bowl of cereal with rice milk. Doesn't it seem strange to not read latte here? Yeah, to me. too.

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  1. I have no idea what your new company is going to be making, but I'm going to be the FIRST in line to get some (unless you're starting a barky-burger restaurant, in which case Grendle will be first in line and I'll be behind her holding the leash)!

  2. I feel the same way. And in fact, was talking to another self-employed woman the other day about it.

    Maybe we should go threesies on a helper/manager and each get the person for 10 hours a week. Ha!

  3. what if I just actually hired an actual babysitter?

    I could probably get a teenager to come here for $6/hr and get me going at an early enough hour, keep me on task, make sure I remember to eat, and made me stop at the end of they day.

    it's simpler than an assistant because nobody is motivated to actually do work. I've tried hiring interns all the time, and I've hired a straight up assistant, twice. Bad choices, both.

    I thought I was kidding about a babysitter, but it might actually be a good idea.


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